The LJ community for the 'Lost' pairing of Charlie and Sayid!

For Charlie/Sayid shippers
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Welcome to charliexsayid, LJ's first and [current] only Charlie/Sayid Community!
This is a place for
~ Fanfic
~ Fanart
~ Screen caps
~ Info and Linkage
~ Icons
(Basically, all things Charlie/Sayid related)

1. Just remember to respect each other. If you don't like something, the just don't read it/look at it. No nastiness!
2. Big/lots of pictures to be put behind a cut tag
3. If you're posting more than four icons then put it behind a cut tag
4. All fanfiction behind a cut tag, and use this form:
. . Title:
. . Author:
. . Rating:
. . Pairing:
. . Genre:
. . Warning(s):
. . Summary:
5. This is a slash-friendly community. If you cannot respect other people then you will be banned

Mod = ragettizepirate, who just took duties over from justinetre! :D