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Lost fic - Withdrawal - Interactions Charlie/Sayid

Title: Withdrawal – Interactions
Fandom/Pairing: Lost – Charlie/Sayid
Rating: NC-17 - come on, was there ever any doubt?
Summary: Charlie and Sayid return to camp, and Sayid discovers that control is a double-edged sword.
Warnings: Angst, bondage, references to drug abuse.
Disclaimer: If only I owned the...
Feedback: Bring it bitches!
Notes: Chapter 5 in the Withdrawal series written by myself and the themoononastick who also served as beta and held my hand through writer's block, too much wine and my general dissatisfaction with life. Thanks, sorry that I leave it off in such an awkward place but I'm sure you'll do wonders with it. This chapter gave me absolute fits and was rewritten numerous times in my head, on paper and then on my computer. I'm still not satisfied with it, but themoononastick has convinced me that it's not absolute crap. Links to previous chapters behind the cut – please be sure to check the warnings on each chapter before reading. This series grew out of philomel’s Kinkathon request for Charlie back on the smack and Sayid helping him get clean.

Sayid tightened his grip on Charlie’s wrists, letting his full weight press Charlie back into the blankets. “I do not share Charlie. I will not share.”
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